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June 2023

June 2023
It has been a while since the last blog as we have been through the Covid pandemic and we lost how to blog - so hopefully this will rectify that now?! Last year, we found that as people returned to hospitality, that our last two rooms with shared accommodation was not selling. So we decided to update those two rooms to fully en-suite. This meant that we lost our second twin room and made it into a double room by putting a door through directly to the large bathroom which was the shared bathroom. We also added a shower to the single room upstairs in the attic rooms, which did have a toilet and washbasin. So ALL our rooms are now en-suite. This has proved popular and bookings are on the up again this year following a slow start at the beginning of the year. This, we believe to be a result of the rising cost of living and fuel price hikes. But now we are seeing a steady return back to hospitality. We decided to increase our prices as we were fearful, like everybody, of the unknown cost of gas and electric. But this had a negative effect with reduced bookings. So we reverted our prices down again which is proving to be more favourable. Philip has now 'semi-retired' from his decorating, and so is working for Dee now in the B&B as it gets busy for the season.



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